Bible Studies for Life

Where the Bible Meets Life!

Bible Studies for Life is designed to help people in groups connect God's Word to their lives in an intentional way. Every session is built on an all-new, research-backed discipleship plan that wisely helps Adults, Students, and Kids:

  • Know God's Word through trustworthy Bible study content
  • Create biblical community through engaging and conversational group studies
  • Engage culture missionally by unpacking what the Bible says about real-life issues

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  1. Bsfl: Books Of The Bible Posters
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    Fall 2015 Learn More
  2. Bsfl: Happy Birthday Postcards Pkg/25
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  3. Bsfl: Love And Obey Postcards Pkg/25
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  4. Bsfl: Psalm 46:1 Postcards Pkg/25
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  5. Bsfl: Resilient Faith Member Book
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    Standing Strong in the Midst of Suf Learn More