It starts with a spark

Every sparkhouse project begins with a spark—an idea, an inspiration, a glowing reminder of what the Spirit of God is up to.

It grows through community

Then, a network of Christian thought leaders and practitioners test ideas, turn them upside-down, shake them up, and make them stronger.

It continues with you

And, best of all, you take the idea and make it your own—using our resources to transform your faith community.

Innovative Bibles, curricula, and workshops for children, youth, and adults

At sparkhouse, we're creating a whole new class of faith formation resources created for today's Christians. We meet people where they are: using technology, language, and active learning concepts that match our 21st-century lifestyles. Every day we strive to make creativity, collaboration, and even humour synonymous with thought-provoking, Bible-based learning.

But, we don't do it on our own. We work with leaders from a variety of denominations and perspectives. We invite practitioners and congregations from around the world to help us develop new ideas. We believe this conversation is critical to achieving our mission: to spark new life in Christian communities.

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